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It all starts with the concept. Words are important when they begin to affect your bottom-line. Quite often the real message is lost when you don't thoroughly analyze what you actually want to convey through your writing. It just takes a few words to change a boring harangue into a sizzling sales pitch (and vice versa, of course). It just takes one expression, a compelling, moving expression that can make your visitor click that "Buy" button or that "Subscribe" link. Miss those words and that expression, and you know where I'm going from here.


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For more than 6 years, every day I tasked myself to come up with strong, marketable content for my Clients in India and abroad which will not only help them market their website better but also help bring traffic to their site online. How? Well, simple, SEO!! I believe in the power of words (but of course, I'm a writer).
Although simply put as SEO, it is a more intensive process than the simple abbreviation. The right keywords, the constant and balanced key word integration into the site content and the well - placed Meta tags are just some of the steps for a well optimized content for a website.

Every online company needs intelligent and creative copy that gives visitors exactly the information they want. That's easier said than done. Everything from the About us page (in a website) to the company services ( in a Corporate film) must be phrased in a manner that's orderly yet interesting. So whether you need Corporate Site Design, Corporate Film Script, Documentary Narration, Blog Content, Article & Newsletter, Corporate Literature or Academic Writing, I am here to help you achieve immediate success at affordable rates. Modern aesthetics combined with my content development services will have customers beating down your door in no time.

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We believe in the 'UNIK' way of incorporating our values into everything we accomplish.Building long term trust based relations with each other and with our customers and suppliers by interacting in an atmosphere of integrity, respect, honesty and professionalism happens to be one of them.

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Experience a world of knowledge, where we excel in observing your potentials and minutely fine tune them into skills that are industry worthy in the present scenario. Join us to imbibe the best of both worlds - a strong foundation of knowledge to build your career on. Welcome to MIT-PCIBM.

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Fashion as we know changes with the season, with that there is an ever increasing opportunity to link fashion and hair together. Hair is a prominent fashion accessory; it can attribute an image and establish a personalized look. The aim at Lizze's is to help to bring the cut and colour collection to life

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With the beautiful blend of colours and textures that embody India in all its glory, the Indian fashion scenario has undergone a drastic transformation with the Indian flavor culminating with the International brands. With an astute perspective of the emerging fashion scene, VGPL has made its presence known in the sphere of Hand Embroidered Fabrics.

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"We have known Nisha Menon for the past 3 years now and she has been instrumental in developing Creative Website Content for us. Adding to its next level, Nisha has written content that blends well into our Clients Business Profiles, so as to accelarate the search engine optimisation processes we do for them."

-Bejoy Peter, Vision Kraft

"A good design for any brand is incomplete if the copy is poor - Its something I believe in. I've had the opportunity to work with Nisha on my branding projects which required the content to be well above the normal available to justify not just designs but also my client's vision. She has more than exceeded our expectations and I am looking forward to working with her in future projects as well."

-Rajesh Rajan, Artisticodopeo Designz