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In the world of internet & media, where a human touch is missing, the role of content on a website or a creative script in a film or multimedia presentation varies from that of a teacher, a guide, a friend or a goal oriented sales man! There is no debating the fact that Content is KING! And the moment you start treating it like one, the sooner it will give you results. I provide freelance writing services that can assist you in all your content needs no matter where you may be based across the globe.


Content/ Script Writing for Websites, Films, Multimedia & more...

Your website is your virtual store. Like any physical store it also needs to be packaged and presented well. All big businesses and most medium-sized business immensely focus on developing a strong website that not only articulates the services, but also let the users have a detailed insight into the business. I offer website reviewing that empowers businesses on the web. Having mapped many website, I can offer you a complete and honest review, which is based on comparative analysis and my understanding of the internet.

Website reviewing would typically let you have a detailed view of the Overall presentation of your business on the website, Content in terms of style, tone and language, Missing and important links/sub-links, If required, analyzing the website from SEO viewpoint, Comparative analysis, Other website-specific and industry-specific details.

Writing Services

Web Content Writing Services


If you are planning to build a new website, I can develop powerful, well balanced content that will help you to convey your message across to your target customers. If you already have a web site that needs improvement, I first understand your goals and then rework on the content so that it attracts customers, educates your target audience and pushes sales.

Article Writing


Experience and Expertise coupled together - My knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation helps me to write well balanced copy that ranks well on Search Engines without compromising on readability. The result - content that communicates well with your customers and has just the right blend of keywords that helps to achieve good ranks on search engines.

Seo Article Writing


Script writing is an artform, and creating art is never easy. Everytime you watch a TV show, watch a film or even play a computer game you are taking in the work of a scriptwriter. I do scripting for Corporate Films, Documentary Films and Training Films. I research and strategize every video assignment before I write it. And I just don't write it ... I rewrite it ... and rewrite it ... until it's creatively succinct and the sharpest most effective communication it can be!

Article Writer


Well written, keyword rich articles are a great source of relevant content for your website. If you are looking to attract visitors to your website on a regular basis, original well written articles are just what you need. Visitors to your website like to read well drafted & nicely written, interesting & informative articles. If they like what they read, they will probably come back to you often looking for more informative articles.

Blog Writers


Blogs or web blogs are latest additions to the world of online marketing and are gaining tremendous popularity as important SEO tools. Today, different people maintain blogs for different reasons giving rise to various genres of blogs including personal blogs, travel blogs, political blogs, business blogs and fashion blogs, etc.
Whatever their nature, one thing remains common for all types of blogs - the need for good quality content.